The Penguin

Meet Randolph the “Randomness!” Penguin.

Randolph is the face of “Randomness!”  He makes his home in Penguinville, Wonderland, where he serves as the Director of Relaxation.  Peguinville is THE PLACE to go if you need to de-stress.  This very special place is filled with penguins that give hugs.  These loving penguins will melt your heart and cast your troubles as far as the North Pole is from the South Pole.  In Penguinville, the ground is covered with snow, but the sun always shines, and the temperature constantly remains at a high of 75, no cooler, no warmer.

After spending some time here with all these adorable friendly penguins waddling around, you should feel much more carefree and better able to cope with life.  Hugging a penguin is the best de-stresser of all!  For a small fee of $327, you can get a VIP season pass to Penguinville for the whole family.  What a deal!  Call Randolph now at 1-800-CHILLOUT to get your season pass or to discuss daily and weekly rates.  The penguins hope to hug you soon!