Rain Glasses

One day, I was driving in my car, when I saw…a most unusual sight.  I saw a lady…riding her bike…in the rain…and she was wearing…goggles.  Now.  These were not swimming goggles.  They were big, clear goggles that covered half her face…the kind of goggles a scientist would wear.  It was as if she was in a chemistry lab.  Except for one thing.  She wasn’t.  So.  It brought me to a bi-polar conclusion.  She may have watched the weather forecast…or at least had witnessed the clouds fighting for control over the sky…and she didn’t want the potential rain to pelt her in the eyes.  So she found some mad-scientist-looking goggles and turned them into…rain glasses.  Continue reading “Rain Glasses”


Rabbit Trails

One day, I was taking a walk along the trail of my favorite institution of higher learning.  Wearing a sleeveless shirt and shorts, I was hopping for a nice, sunny, warm day.  Well, it was nice.  And it was sunny.  But.  It was not warm.  In fact, the breeze was quite cool, and I was beginning to wish with all my might for a jacket to keep the undesired coolness of the atmosphere at arm’s length.  I was walking down the sidewalk, when all of the sudden, I saw a brown rabbit in the grass.  Different from other rabbits I have seen before.  He did not hop away as I kept getting closer and closer…and closer.  This was probably the closest I have ever been to a rabbit before, except for rabbits that I have seen inside a closed cage.  Continue reading “Rabbit Trails”

Sponge Candy

Back to the General Store in Marilla, NY.  I was standing near the counter…and looking at the candy.  Not because I needed any.  Not because I wanted any.  I was waiting on my mother…to finish deciding which general items to buy from the general store.  She had been doing that for over an hour.  Browsing the names of the candy, my eyes fell on the words “Sponge Candy.”  The package of eight small chocolate bars.  Selling for…$7.75.  Sponge candy did not sound tastefully appealing to me.  But.  Being an extremely curious person, I wanted to know what it was.  But.  Not being an extremely forward person, I asked my dad to ask the lady behind the counter about it.  So he did. Continue reading “Sponge Candy”

Over-Stuffed and Over-Priced

Walking down the streets of Marilla, New York with my family and our friends the Pollocks, I approached the General Store with much anticipation.  I knew I would find something to buy.  But.  I didn’t know what it would be.  After about 37 minutes of shopping…I finally found what I was looking for.  I had never seen anything like it.  It was…it was a giant…a giant…stuffed…penguin!  This was no cartoon-looking penguin: it was the most real-looking fake penguin I had ever seen.  Only having six dollars in cash on me, my spending capability was significantly limited.  Continue reading “Over-Stuffed and Over-Priced”

The Insufficiency of the Descriptive Means of Expression Known as Words

I have an addiction.  To words!  I find myself comfortably in bed.  But then!  A thought comes to me that I must write down.  Or else.  Alas!  I may forget it by morning!  So.  I try not to start writing a story or my thoughts at night.  Or.  I would never get any rest!  Words!  Thoughts!  Spinning!  They come so fast!  Fleeting thoughts.  “Give me a pen!”  The words just keep coming.  “Stop!  I need sleep!”  But no.  The words.  They do not heed my request.  “Slow down, I can’t keep up!”  If I don’t write them down immediately, I find the words have left me, and I don’t know whether to turn right or left to search for them.  So I guess another name for a writer…is a word chaser. Continue reading “The Insufficiency of the Descriptive Means of Expression Known as Words”

The Lost and Found World of Randomness!

“Randomness!” is on the loose!  I’m not sure where it went!  It seems I have been wandering aimlessly.  If you are new to this Wonderful World of Randomness!…greetings!  And if not…you have probably noticed that it has been YEARS since you’ve heard any of the thoughts swirling around the place my mind resides, known as Wonderland.  How ridiculous this is!  How absurd!  But!  I have had little time and few inspirations.  However, I realize that this is a poor excuse, and seeing as how I claim to be rich in words, I feel as if I have been robbing you of your “Canton Joy!” and laughter.  It’s like I’ve been searching for the lost city of Atlantis (only this is the lost world of “Randomness!”), and I am finally making my way back home.   Continue reading “The Lost and Found World of Randomness!”

Welcome to My World…

Welcome to my world…the Wonderful World of Randomness!  Yes, you there, the person reading the screen; I’m talking to you.  You may be familiar with this name.  It once was an e-magazine, founded by me on March 27, 2008 (yes, I’m weird enough to know the date).  I wanted a way to keep connected with my family; well, really I just needed a formal excuse to fill their inboxes with my random (and sometimes ridiculous) writings.  And now…nine years later to the day…“Randomness!” has made a comeback!  But now we are in blog format for the whole world to read.  I thought to myself, why limit this?  There’s plenty of randomness to go around for everyone! Continue reading “Welcome to My World…”