I spent a little time editing my blog site tonight and as I was reading, I came across a few things that inspired me to write.  Even though I’ve blogged a lot this month, I’ve gotten a little lackadaisical on the idea of “Randomness!”  Crazy, right?!  I mean…that IS the title of my blog AND what this whole thing is supposed to be about!  So, tonight I must write what’s on my mind and BE RANDOM!  So here you go.  Backing it up a bit, I always thought the word was “lacksadaisical.”  I’m not usually lackadaisical with grammar, but it’s hard not to make mistakes when you hear a random word like that which so often gets mispronounced.  I so appreciate having Google at my fingertips, virtually whenever I need it’s mad research skills. Continue reading “Lackadaisical”


Inevitably Uneditable?

It’s the evening of Thanksgiving.  I am particularly fond of gazing up at the moon, and it is beyond beautiful tonight.  I was certain I would be able to capture it’s beauty with my 24 megapixel Canon camera.  I’ve done it in the past.  I spent several minutes shooting at the moon, whilst hoping for a sign of a shooting star, but alas there were none to wish upon.  I got out my tripod and changed some settings on my camera.  The result was extremely clear pictures of an insanely bright moon!  I was sure I could darken them to perfectly show the asymmetrical features staring back at me from way up high in the black night sky.  I rushed back inside and after eating some Thanksgiving leftovers for dinner, I edited away on the best photo I shot of the moon. Continue reading “Inevitably Uneditable?”

The Bird and The Browns

This one’s for the Relient K fans.  Randomness! would like to take a moment to give a virtual celebratory high five to its source of inspiration, Matt Thiessen, for the release of his long awaited solo project, Wind Up Bird.  This may end up being an album review, although that was not my intention when sitting down to write a blog on this TV dinner night.  First, I just have to say how much I love the album artwork.  A superfluity of bright colors…and a bird.  A bird that looks a little annoyed with me, the bird watcher.  As I take in the beauty of this bird (that also has his eye on me), I easily get lost in the sleepy-hollow folky tunes of this record.  Yes, I have it on vinyl because sometimes I want to act like a hipster.  Continue reading “The Bird and The Browns”

Going Nuts for a Meal of Oats

~Well everyone’s got something on their mind, and this is my thought at this present time.  I’m gonna say what I want, it might not be what you want to hear.~  This is a very random blog, but I make no apologies because this is, after all, Randomness!  So I will dive right in.  Back in the early days when Randomness! was first in existence, I had no trouble with the location of one of my favorite breakfast foods in the cereal aisle at the store.  Quaker Oatmeal to Go…has anyone seen or heard of it lately?  I think it may have experienced a discontinuation, so putting “to go” in the product’s name was most appropriate indeed.  Of course, there are comparable items to be purchased as far as breakfast bars are concerned, but they’re just not the same!  When I find an item of high satisfaction, it really bothers me when it is no longer available for consumption.  Continue reading “Going Nuts for a Meal of Oats”

It’s Fun to Have Fun!

A brisk winter walk down a snowy lane is simply breath-taking!  It’s so fun to watch the snowflakes as they make their landing to adorn the ground and trees and to kiss the faces of those out and about in the wonderful world of white. I’ve been pining for the sight of those snow-covered trees ever since the last snowflake melted last April.  As I am writing this, the snow is falling to an already white ground, creating a wintry atmosphere of which I do not want to let go; however, by the time you are reading this, the snow may be melted and long gone, leaving no trace that it once graced this earth on which we dwell.  Such is the plight for those of us residing in southern Indiana.  For all you other lovers of winter, let us remain hopeful and keep the spirit of winter alive.  Continue reading “It’s Fun to Have Fun!”

Twas the Night Before Christmas…at My House

Twas the night before Christmas when all through the basement,
Not a creature was stirring, nor making a statement.
The stockings were hung by the piano with joy,
In hopes that ol’ Santy Claus soon would bring toys.
The children were nestled all snug in their sleeping bags,
While visions of Buddy the Elf eating syrup spaghetti made them all gag.
And the girls in their red nightrobes and the parents in theirs of blue,
Had just settled their brains for a short Christmas snooze.
When out on the lawn there arose a cry from the pups,
I sprang from the bag to see what was up. Continue reading “Twas the Night Before Christmas…at My House”

Let’s Make Neverland a Possibility, Part 2

My previous blog referring to Neverland, which I wrote over 8 years ago, has been on my mind as I recently celebrated my 30th birthday.  I have been dreading leaving my twenties for YEARS.  While I love birthdays, I do not love getting older.  Most people have been telling me, “You still look so young.  What’s the big deal?”  My answer is…time is a big deal.  While I have experienced so much, I often feel depressed about aging.  Thirty years sounds like a long time, but to me it went by too quickly.  I can only imagine that thirty more years will seem to slip away even faster.  “I suppose it’s like the ticking crocodile, isn’t it?  Time is chasing after all of us.”  Many days I wish I could be Wendy…with just a little golden pixie dust from Peter Pan, I could fly away to Neverland and make the choice to not grow up.  Continue reading “Let’s Make Neverland a Possibility, Part 2”