The Lost and Found World of Randomness!

“Randomness!” is on the loose!  I’m not sure where it went!  It seems I have been wandering aimlessly.  If you are new to this Wonderful World of Randomness!…greetings!  And if not…you have probably noticed that it has been YEARS since you’ve heard any of the thoughts swirling around the place my mind resides, known as Wonderland.  How ridiculous this is!  How absurd!  But!  I have had little time and few inspirations.  However, I realize that this is a poor excuse, and seeing as how I claim to be rich in words, I feel as if I have been robbing you of your “Canton Joy!” and laughter.  It’s like I’ve been searching for the lost city of Atlantis (only this is the lost world of “Randomness!”), and I am finally making my way back home.   Continue reading “The Lost and Found World of Randomness!”


Welcome to My World…

Welcome to my world…the Wonderful World of Randomness!  Yes, you there, the person reading the screen; I’m talking to you.  You may be familiar with this name.  It once was an e-magazine, founded by me on March 27, 2008 (yes, I’m weird enough to know the date).  I wanted a way to keep connected with my family; well, really I just needed a formal excuse to fill their inboxes with my random (and sometimes ridiculous) writings.  And now…nine years later to the day…“Randomness!” has made a comeback!  But now we are in blog format for the whole world to read.  I thought to myself, why limit this?  There’s plenty of randomness to go around for everyone! Continue reading “Welcome to My World…”