Marvelous – Phase 3, Part 4

I’ve watched a Marvel movie every week since the middle of October.  And now…this is my last blog before the release of Captain Marvel and Avengers: Endgame!  I have thoroughly enjoyed this Marvel Marathon.  Infinity War has some elements of humor and surprise sprinkled throughout, but I felt the gravity of the situation unfold with a level of seriousness that is riveting, and loss that is hitherto undreamt of.  Ant-Man and the Wasp, on the other hand, is in stark contrast to Infinity War with a much more humorous approach.  It’s strange that these two movies are paired up in the timeline.  So many spoilers are ahead…please don’t read this blog if you haven’t yet watched these movies! Continue reading “Marvelous – Phase 3, Part 4”


Marvelous – Phase 3, Part 3

Blogged down.  That’s how I felt a couple of weeks ago after I read through all of my Marvel blogs in one setting.  I apologize to the Randomness! readers if you’ve felt like you’ve been reading movie reviews rather than my own thoughts about these movies.  The perfectionist in me wants to go back and edit my less-than-marvelous writing.  But rather than spend an exorbitant amount of time erasing words written in the past, I’ll put a proverbial pen to a fresh piece of paper and attempt a simple idea…less is more.  And I’ll start with a simple obligatory spoiler alert…stop reading if you haven’t yet watched Ragnarok or Black Panther. Continue reading “Marvelous – Phase 3, Part 3”

Who Is Colony House?

My family drew names for Christmas this year, and my sister gave me an album on vinyl by a band called Colony House.  After I opened it, she asked, “Do you still like that band?”  I was a little confused.  And I wasn’t trying to hide it, I was just thinking slowly.  Who is this band?  Is this The Rocketboys?  I don’t like The Rocketboys!  Maybe she was thinking of another band I like called Humming House?  “I don’t know who this is,” I finally said.  “It’s Steven Curtis Chapman’s sons!”  Light bulb moment.  For the record, I knew they had a band, I was just unaware of the name change from “Caleb” to “Colony House.”  Where have I been?  Caleb and Will Franklin are even on the cover, but as people tend to do, they grew up, and I didn’t recognize them.  All these differences left me blind, blind, blind. Continue reading “Who Is Colony House?”


I spent a little time editing my blog site tonight and as I was reading, I came across a few things that inspired me to write.  Even though I’ve blogged a lot this month, I’ve gotten a little lackadaisical on the idea of “Randomness!”  Crazy, right?!  I mean…that IS the title of my blog AND what this whole thing is supposed to be about!  So, tonight I must write what’s on my mind and BE RANDOM!  So here you go.  Backing it up a bit, I always thought the word was “lacksadaisical.”  I’m not usually lackadaisical with grammar, but it’s hard not to make mistakes when you hear a random word like that which so often gets mispronounced.  I so appreciate having Google at my fingertips, virtually whenever I need it’s mad research skills. Continue reading “Lackadaisical”

Marvelous – Phase 3, Part 1

So these Marvel blogs are starting to get a bit lengthy, and for that I apologize.  I really did try to apply the “less is more” philosophy for Phase 3, but the storyline just keeps getting better!   So since Phase 3 has two more movies in it than Phase 1 and 2, I will just do two movies per blog, rather than trying to write about four movies in one!  And as always…SPOILER ALERT!! Continue reading “Marvelous – Phase 3, Part 1”

Dark Matter

Depression.  Anxiety.  Suicide.  Fear.  Guilt.  Shame.  Death.  Disease.  Disabilities.  Abuse.  Toxic relationships.  Divorce.  Bankruptcy.  Eviction.  Job loss.  Heartache.  Hatred.  Crime.  Racism.  Slavery.  Genocide.  Terrorism.  War.  Natural disasters.  Human trafficking.  Infertility.  Miscarriage.  Failure.  Addiction.  Homelessness.  Loneliness.  Inequality.  Ugliness.  Lost friendships.  Mental disorders.  Insomnia.  Criticism.  Rejection.  Doubt. Continue reading “Dark Matter”