The Story

“Randomness!” was an e-magazine founded on March 27, 2008, out of the sheer randomness of my heart.  I created it to save myself from the structure and paranoia that plagued this perfectionist.  I needed to focus on something that didn’t have to be perfect or in order, hence the name.  Sometimes I would get so frazzled that the only thing I could do was write something random (and ridiculous).  Therefore, this e-magazine was my attempt to de-stress and let my family members into my world…to let them read about the ideas that swirl around in Wonderland…aka my mind.


  • The Randomness! Rules were written by the Compliance Team (me) and became the foundation for the e-magazine.
  • The free subscription consisted of random articles written by the author (me) and were emailed out daily (or every few days) at random times of the day.
  • Various concerns from our readers were addressed in the Dear Allie column, which was written by my sister, Alecia.
  • An editing subsidiary of “Randomness!” known as “Canton Joy!” later became responsible for editing all published articles…a delegation from me to myself.
  • “Canton Joy!” also delivered a virtual glass of orange juice along with every article to the subscribers’ inboxes.
  • Volume 1 contained 100 articles and lasted for an entire YEAR.
  • Volume 2 was very sporadic and short lived, as I became too busy to write.  My senior year of college was a pretty good excuse, I thought.  I took an indefinite sabbatical, knowing I would come back to it at some point in the future.

And now…nine years later from the day it was created, “Randomness!” has made a comeback.  I’m excited to have this in blog format, and I will do my best to put a smile on your face…and maybe even a song in your heart.  And I still love penguins, Relient K, plaid, “Canton Joy!” orange juice, and words (of course!) as much as ever.  I, the author, live in the state of Wonderland, and I make my home specifically in the city of Wintersprings.  I recently moved here from Penguinville (another city in Wonderland).  The move was necessary for the new direction of my writings, but I still spend quite a bit of time there whenever I need some relaxation.

The Wonderful World of Randomness! is an amusement park for the mind, also located in the great state of Wonderland.  This is THE PLACE to go for random inspiration.  No matter where I am, you can know for certain: “Randomness!” and “Canton Joy!” have been and always will be as free as the air you breathe.

Yours randomly,