Let’s Make Neverland a Possibility, Part 2

My previous blog referring to Neverland, which I wrote over 8 years ago, has been on my mind as I recently celebrated my 30th birthday.  I have been dreading leaving my twenties for YEARS.  While I love birthdays, I do not love getting older.  Most people have been telling me, “You still look so young.  What’s the big deal?”  My answer is…time is a big deal.  While I have experienced so much, I often feel depressed about aging.  Thirty years sounds like a long time, but to me it went by too quickly.  I can only imagine that thirty more years will seem to slip away even faster.  “I suppose it’s like the ticking crocodile, isn’t it?  Time is chasing after all of us.”  Many days I wish I could be Wendy…with just a little golden pixie dust from Peter Pan, I could fly away to Neverland and make the choice to not grow up.  Continue reading “Let’s Make Neverland a Possibility, Part 2”


Let’s Make Neverland a Possibility, Part 1

“Here we go, off to Neverland!”  A snow day means there is a lot of snow outside.  So much snow, that it also means there is no school inside.  So my sisters and I spent the afternoon outside with the snow, instead of inside at school.  We got out our wooden sleds and headed off for a day of fun, adventure, and…flying?  We started out at the top of the world and then ended up at the bottom of the world.  Actually it was just the bottom of the hill.  But.  It seemed more dramatic at the time.  I felt like Wendy from Peter Pan after he gives her some golden pixie dust and she flies for the first time.  There we were: arms in the air, and then…Whoosh!  Down the hill we went!  Continue reading “Let’s Make Neverland a Possibility, Part 1”