The Plight of the Musically Inclined

I love to play the piano.  I play the piano at our house with frequency.  But sometimes.  People at my house just don’t want me to play.  I walk into the living room and sit down.  I play two notes but then get shot down, which really puts a damper on my spirits.  Sometimes, I…ever so slowly…so as not to cause a commotion…walk into the living room and don’t even make it to the piano bench before I hear someone from the kitchen say the phrase in an annoyed tone, “No!  Not right now, Mal!”  So.  I get frustrated that I must refrain from playing.  And it makes me want to just run in there and hit the keys in anger.  Playing the piano is an outlet for my soul.   Continue reading “The Plight of the Musically Inclined”