Which to Bury, Us or the Bear?

So I heard a story not too long ago, about someone who was being chased by a bear.  Now, if you were in harms way because of a bear, and you had a firearm in your possession, the thing to do…would be to shoot it.  Right?  Well, this person shot the bear…and it died.  And this person…was arrested!  For saving his own life!  Things didn’t turn out the way he thought they would at all!  The bear was supposedly an endangered species.  I’m sure the guy was probably thinking, “Hey!  I was an endangered person!  One of us had to go!”  He obviously didn’t want it to be himself.  “No, I don’t hate you, Mr. Bear, and I don’t wanna fight you…but you took this too far!” Continue reading “Which to Bury, Us or the Bear?”


Baker’s Chocolate…A Snack for the Average Consumer?

Once upon a time…there was this kid.  Who went on a youth trip with his youth group in a van driven by his youth pastor.  And.  The youth pastor stopped the van at a gas station, in order to buy gas for the van.  So.  The kid.  It was just one kid.  With his youth group.  The kid decided to go inside…and buy himself a snack.  So he walked down the whole 3 aisles in that gas station…because he wanted to find the best snack he could find.  So the kid, I don’t really know what was going on in his mind, but he…well…he picked up a boxed snack…and bought it.  Because he definitely did not believe in stealing.  Continue reading “Baker’s Chocolate…A Snack for the Average Consumer?”

Rain Glasses

One day, I was driving in my car, when I saw…a most unusual sight.  I saw a lady…riding her bike…in the rain…and she was wearing…goggles.  Now.  These were not swimming goggles.  They were big, clear goggles that covered half her face…the kind of goggles a scientist would wear.  It was as if she was in a chemistry lab.  Except for one thing.  She wasn’t.  So.  It brought me to a bi-polar conclusion.  She may have watched the weather forecast…or at least had witnessed the clouds fighting for control over the sky…and she didn’t want the potential rain to pelt her in the eyes.  So she found some mad-scientist-looking goggles and turned them into…rain glasses.  Continue reading “Rain Glasses”

Rabbit Trails

One day, I was taking a walk along the trail of my favorite institution of higher learning.  Wearing a sleeveless shirt and shorts, I was hopping for a nice, sunny, warm day.  Well, it was nice.  And it was sunny.  But.  It was not warm.  In fact, the breeze was quite cool, and I was beginning to wish with all my might for a jacket to keep the undesired coolness of the atmosphere at arm’s length.  I was walking down the sidewalk, when all of the sudden, I saw a brown rabbit in the grass.  Different from other rabbits I have seen before.  He did not hop away as I kept getting closer and closer…and closer.  This was probably the closest I have ever been to a rabbit before, except for rabbits that I have seen inside a closed cage.  Continue reading “Rabbit Trails”