Welcome to My World…

Welcome to my world…the Wonderful World of Randomness!  Yes, you there, the person reading the screen; I’m talking to you.  You may be familiar with this name.  It once was an e-magazine, founded by me on March 27, 2008 (yes, I’m weird enough to know the date).  I wanted a way to keep connected with my family; well, really I just needed a formal excuse to fill their inboxes with my random (and sometimes ridiculous) writings.  And now…nine years later to the day…“Randomness!” has made a comeback!  But now we are in blog format for the whole world to read.  I thought to myself, why limit this?  There’s plenty of randomness to go around for everyone!

My writings ranged from poems to raps to random compositions consisting of utter facetiousness.  And now that we are in a new format, almost a decade later, who knows how random this could get!  I promise everything I write isn’t ridiculous.  But if you can’t enjoy a little humor, you probably won’t enjoy this blog.  Hopefully you will be inspired, encouraged, and most of all entertained!  I hope to put a smile on your face…and maybe even a song in your heart.

I have to give a shout out to Matt Thiessen for inspiring me to write with wit.  Although I doubt he’ll ever see this.  I have enjoyed creative writing since the sixth grade.  I love the sound of words.  And the pictures they can paint.  I enjoy even just the concept of what words can create.  My goal when writing is to find the most precise words possible in order to convey the truest essence of what I want to say.  Can you just get into my head and tell me I am understood?  Only time will tell.  I hope you will thoroughly enjoy my writings.  And know that “Randomness!” has been and always will be as free as the air you breathe.

Wow, I am definitely feeling nostalgic.  It’s so good to be back…

Oh, btw, the photo is of Matt Thiessen, in case you were wondering…

Photo cred: Mallory


Author: randomness327

My name is Mallory, and I love words! Relient K frontman Matt Thiessen is my inspiration for writing tongue-in-cheek nonsense. Other hobbies I have are cooking, baking, photography, playing the piano, and reading. I collect tea cups and am a huge fan of Beauty and the Beast. Southern Indiana is my home. I work at an athletic club, where I enjoy group exercise and am learning to play tennis. I also have a cake decorating business called "Icing on the Cake." Thanks for checking out my blog! I hope you enjoy reading the words I put together.

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