Dark Matter

Depression.  Anxiety.  Suicide.  Fear.  Guilt.  Shame.  Death.  Disease.  Disabilities.  Abuse.  Toxic relationships.  Divorce.  Bankruptcy.  Eviction.  Job loss.  Heartache.  Hatred.  Crime.  Racism.  Slavery.  Genocide.  Terrorism.  War.  Natural disasters.  Human trafficking.  Infertility.  Miscarriage.  Failure.  Addiction.  Homelessness.  Loneliness.  Inequality.  Ugliness.  Lost friendships.  Mental disorders.  Insomnia.  Criticism.  Rejection.  Doubt. Continue reading “Dark Matter”


Marvelous – Phase 2, Part 2

By now, if you’ve been reading along, you should be familiar with this, so no real introduction is necessary.  Except for a spoiler alert.  I don’t want to ruin the movies for anyone who has not yet watched them.  You have been warned.  Now here are my favorite moments from these movies… Continue reading “Marvelous – Phase 2, Part 2”

Marvelous – Phase 2, Part 1

And we’re back with Phase 2 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe!  Hopefully if you’re reading this you’re enjoying these movie reviews from the perspective of Randomness!  If not, just check back soon…something is sure to come up in this a la carte blog that you will find delectable.  As we move into Phase 2, the story line becomes more serious, and these first three movies definitely portray darker elements.  And remember…this blog has lots of spoilers! Continue reading “Marvelous – Phase 2, Part 1”

Inevitably Uneditable?

It’s the evening of Thanksgiving.  I am particularly fond of gazing up at the moon, and it is beyond beautiful tonight.  I was certain I would be able to capture it’s beauty with my 24 megapixel Canon camera.  I’ve done it in the past.  I spent several minutes shooting at the moon, whilst hoping for a sign of a shooting star, but alas there were none to wish upon.  I got out my tripod and changed some settings on my camera.  The result was extremely clear pictures of an insanely bright moon!  I was sure I could darken them to perfectly show the asymmetrical features staring back at me from way up high in the black night sky.  I rushed back inside and after eating some Thanksgiving leftovers for dinner, I edited away on the best photo I shot of the moon. Continue reading “Inevitably Uneditable?”

Marvelous – Phase 1, Part 2

We Southern Indianians experienced a lovely snow and ice storm last evening, which was quite random considering the fact that it’s only the middle of November.  Thankfully it didn’t change my plans of staying inside all warm and cozy while watching the first Avengers movie.  This wraps up Phase 1 of my marathon.  So…as promised, here is my Part 2 blog for Phase 1 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  I will jump right back to where I left off in writing about my favorite scenes from these marvelous movies.  Reminder…this movie review contains spoilers! Continue reading “Marvelous – Phase 1, Part 2”

Marvelous – Phase 1, Part 1

Several weeks ago, I began a Marvel Marathon of re-watching one MCU movie each week leading up to the upcoming release of the 21st movie in the franchise: Captain Marvel.  Since I typically watch these movies alone, I thought maybe I should reflect on them in my blog so I could share them with anyone else who is in love with the MCU and who wants to get psyched for the newest movie.  So here we have two worlds colliding: the Wonderful World of Randomness and the Marvel Cinematic Universe!  How wonderful and marvelous!  The movies in Phase 1 will be the focus of this first blog, and I just want to outline the moments that touched my heart the most.  It should go without saying (but I’ll say it anyway!) movie reviews have spoilers and this one is no different.  Consider yourself warned. Continue reading “Marvelous – Phase 1, Part 1”

Apophenia, Fruffles, & the Fritz

“Nothing is so alien to the human mind as the idea of randomness.” — John Cohen 

I read that quote recently and instantly felt a connection to the idea.  So…I thought I should write a blog about it.  I mean…it’s only appropriate, right?  The editor of Randomness! finding a quote about randomness…some might deem it divine inspiration.  I just thought it was too perfect of a quote not to incorporate into my blog, however random the connection might end up being.  Let the reader note that writing about randomness is not an obligation, but rather a state of mind that I fully embrace.  I enjoy connecting with people through my writing.  We as people love connections.  Continue reading “Apophenia, Fruffles, & the Fritz”